This book is written in english.

The Austrian School of Economics and its representatives think in fundamental and radical terms, and their way of thinkung is sometimes too radical to be implemented in day-to-day economic policies But this is exactly the reason why their considerations provide us with important insight which, perhaps not immediately but in the medium and long term, proves to be deeply correct and applicable for the renewal of the State, politics and the economy.


I. Austrian Economics Today. Introductory Remarks. (Kurt R. Leube)
II. The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycles: Old Lessons for Modern Economic Policy? (Stefan Erik Oppers)
III. International Pension System Reforms (Robert Nef)
IV. Is there a Third way? The cognitive requirement for the implementation of a Third way (Pierre Garello)
V. From Equilibrium to Competition and Back. How we nearly rediscovered Politic Economy (Michael Zoeller)
VI. What Modern Banking owes the Austrian School of Economics – A Practitioner’s View (Karlheinz Muhr)
VII. Hayekian Perspectives on the Monetary System: Toward Fiat Private and Competitive Moneys (Jean-Pierre Centi)
VIII. Capital Markets in Turmoil: An Interpretation from the Austrian School’s Perspective (Myron Scholes)