This book is written in english.

Competition among national governments in the public serices they provide and in the taxes they impose is every bit as productive as competition among individuals or enterprises in the goods and services they offer for sale and the prices at which they offer them. This book takes a look into reforms which would make an economy more competitive.


I. On Justice and Taxation: Some Reflections from an Austrian Point of View (Kurt Leube)
II. Promoting Entrepreneurship and Growth through Tax Reform (Jean Pierre Centi)
III. The Negative Impact of Tax Information Exchange on Capital Investment (Richard Rahn)
IV. Challenges for Small Countries in the European Union (Ruta Vainiené)
V. Tax Competition and Economic Reform for a competitive economy (Dan Mitchell)
VI. On Tax Competition The (Un)Expected Advantages of Decentralized Fiscal Autonomy (Lars Feld)
VII. Rewriting the Rules: Slovakia’s Economic Reform (Ivan Miklos)
VIII. The Heidelberg Simple-Tax – A Fair Decision-neutral and simple system of Income Taxation (Manfred Rose)
IX. Optimal Size of Government (Andrei Illarionov)