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  • 10.12.2020

  • 10.12.2020


    Introduction Federico N. Fernández, Barbara Kolm, Victoria Schmid 3

    I. Keynote: The Natural Interest Rate – Or: Why Policy Rates Are That Low Robert Holzmann 11

    II. Keynote: Dialectics: From a Method of Argumentation to a Method of Manipulation – In Search for the Lost Truth Agnieszka Płonka 17

    1. What’s New in International Public Policy? Horacio Miguel Arana 27

    2. Price Volatility, Money, and Digital Currency Lior Blech 37

    3. How Can We Define and Characterize Intrapreneurship? Artur Marion Ceolin 45

    4. Menger Arrives in Mendoza, the Psychological School of Economics Natalia Conti, Daniel Pereyra 55

    5. The Disputes Between Carl Menger and the German Historical School as Traditions of Thought’s Problem Facundo Gustavo Corvalán 65

    6. All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Agricultural Development and State Capture – The Case of UFCo in Guatemala Santiago Fernández Ordóñez, Eduardo Fernández Luiña 71

    7. Praxeological Dimension of the Concept of Work in the Thought of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Jacek Gniadek 85

    8. The Scattered Nature or Sovereign Surveillance: On Internet Models in the Context of Tomorrow Krysztof Kaleta 95

    9. Pandemic Socialism: Hayek’s Critique of Scientism and the Fatal Conceit of Government Lockdowns Matt Kibbe 105

    10. The Invisible Budget Constraint Márton Kónya 119

    11. The Capital Asset Pricing Model as Modern Austrian Business Cycle Theory Robert E. Krainer 129

    12. Acquisitive and Productive Capital in Carl Menger’s Zur Theorie des Kapitals Ferdinando Meacci 151

    13. The Use of Language in Society: On Language and Economics Mateusz Michnik 161

    14. Austrian Economics, Mathematics, and Complexity: the End of a Historical Controversy Vicente Moreno-Casas 167

    15. A Simple Model of the Demand for Money and the Demand for Secondary Media of Exchange Kristoffer Mousten Hansen 177

    16. Transitioning, Fast and Slow: Energy and Geopolitics in the 21st Century Scott B. Nelson, Facundo Gustavo Corvalan 197

    17. The Problem With Experts: Science and Scientism in the ‘Post-Truth’ Age Calum T.M. Nicholson 209

    18. Accumulated Savings, Rate of Interest and Rate of Profit in a Free Market Economy Youliy Ninov 219

    19. An Alternative Theory of Capital From An Austrian Economics Perspective Youliy Ninov 229

    20. Determinants of Public Investment in the EU: Is there a Debt Overhang Effect? Mattia Osvaldo Picarelli, Willem Vanlaer, Wim Marneffe 243

    21. Pandemic and Populism: Individual Freedoms at Risk in Spain Carlos Puente Martin 283

    22. The Post-pandemic Economy Fernando Rassiga 293

    23. Von Moses’ Dilemma Fernando Rassiga 303

    24. From Carl Menger to Ayn Rand: A Study of the Philosophical Premises of the Book Principles of Economics in Relation to Henry Rearden’s Speech in Atlas Shrugged Anderson Noel Riverol, José Alberto León 313

    25. A Misesian Look at Marx’ Theory of History Antony Sammeroff 323

    26. The Fatal Split: Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises and the Future of Liberalism John Saudino 333

    27. Humans, the Natural Market, and Knowledge Alejandro A. Tagliavini 343

    28. From Economic Calculation Under Socialism to the Calculation of Socialism Clifford F. Thies 351

    29. Vienna Workers And Personal Human Capital András Tóth 359

    30. Hayek’s Lessons for the European Union Žiga Turk 377

    31. An Observation on the Yield Curve Esteban Viani Villarroel 389

    32. ‘I take No Orders From Anybody’ – Intra-firm Coordination and Liberty Aidan Walsh, Malcolm Brady 397

    33. Institutional Unemployment and its Relevance in the Covid-19 Pandemic Maximilán Wéber 407

    34. Can Inclusive Capitalism Be the Next Thing – Purpose and Profit are Inextricably Linked – Profit is the Result, Inclusion a Natural Side Effect. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner 413

    35. Plans for Mining and Using Tin – Austrian Economics and ABM Harald Wiese 421

    36. Dismantling Rothbard’s ‘Mantle of Science’? Igor Wysocki, IŁukasz Dominiak 439

    37. Was Heckscher Right About Monopolies on Communications in 1921? Anders Ydstedt 453






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    Hardy Bouillon Gerd Habermann Barbara Kolm Scott Nelson Kai Weiß


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